We are working on three Strategic Priority Projects (SPPs) during 2016 in response to needs that have been identified through community engagement work in 2015. The projects are one way of sharing WCE findings and putting them to good use to support positive system change and increased understanding among key stakeholders.

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

The purpose of this project has been to lay the foundations for sustained improvement in Indigenous adult English LLN policy and programs in the NT.

​About the Strategic Priority Projects

  1. Indigenous adult English language, literacy and numeracy (LLN)
  2. Ways to strengthen the educational pathway between VET and higher education for Indigenous students, and
  3. Approaches to improve access, experience and outcomes in VET and higher education (a whole of university approach)

Generally each Strategic Project aimed to:

  • Catalyse or inform strategic action within the university or more broadly
  • Increase awareness and stakeholder support and raise the profile of the issue: amplifying the voice of Elders, sharing information; promoting collective action, forming working groups; and
  • Grow or consolidate research around each project theme e.g literature searches, interviews, focus groups, cases studies and organisation of workshops, symposiums.

Project 1: Language Literacy Numeracy (LLN)

This project will look deeply at factors which help and hold back appropriate LLN support for remote Indigenous students in the NT. We will develop priorities focused on strategies, actions and systems improvements.

Project 2: VET to Higher Education Pathway

The aim of this project is to get more people moving along the educational pathway between VET) and Higher Education.We will produce and share information to increase understanding of study and career pathways within communities. We aim also to get a better understanding of student and staff experiences and opinions relating to VET to HE pathways.

Project 3: Enhancing support and structures for remote Indigenous Students: levers for systems change and whole-of university approaches

This project aims to increase understanding of the factors that help and hold back access and outcomes for Indigenous learners in Higher Education. We will interview Indigenous graduates and under-graduates, staff (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) and collect stories of success. With their permission we will share Indigenous views, opinions and experience. We will also suggest levers for positive change within Higher Education in the NT. We will draw on information from the past and from the present.

29 November 2017

Team Member Reflection: Terry Moore

Team Member Reflection: Terry Moore

​I joined the team in April 2016, just in time for the team meeting at Tennant Creek, where it was realised that the team needed someone to analyse the data that was being generated across the different communities.

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