This is the final report showcasing NAILSMA’s work in the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) Whole of Community Engagement (WCE) Initiative.
The report includes six projects delivered in the six remote Indigenous communities where WCE operated.

The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA) were engaged by the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership (OPVC-IL) of Charles Darwin University (CDU) to work with six remote Indigenous communities across the Northern Territory as part of the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program – Whole of Community Engagement Initiative (HEPPP-WCE).

NAILSMA was engaged as an expert organisation in the Indigenous land and sea management sector to identify opportunities for remote Indigenous students and adult learners to participate in higher education, specifically related to land and sea management.
NAILSMA’s component of HEPPP-WCE builds on our existing program of work and network of relationships with Indigenous communities engaged in land and sea management. NAILSMA set out to identify and work with existing programs and utilise existing partnerships with organisations, service providers and government agencies operating in these communities.

A series of individual community reports make up the bulk of this report and been developed so that they can be pulled out and viewed individually. Reports for Maningrida and Yirrkala are similar and some sections are repeated, as both communities participated in piloting the Certificate III in Indigenous Land Management and adopted similar delivery methods during the pilot project. The report also contains Project Management Plans for each community, written with and authorised by community Elders at the start of the community projects.

Download NAILSMA Final Report - November 2016.

30 January 2017

Whole of Community Engagement Initiative

Whole of Community Engagement Initiative

The Whole of Community Engagement (WCE) initiative has been operating through the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership at Charles Darwin University for the past two and half years.

23 January 2017

Evaluating WCE

We have been working hard with our partners and stakeholders to get feedback and to document and share our key findings and achievements.

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