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The third Indigenous Leaders Conference 'Engagement and the Power of Choice' will be held at Charles Darwin University (Casuarina Campus) on the 10-11 Nov. 2016. The conference will create spaces for engagement, the privileging of Indigenous voices, and sharing of research findings. It will enable networking across sectors. The WCE will be delivering numerous presentations at this conference. More information on the conference can be found at

In addition to the conference, there will be two pre-conference ‘workshops’. These will both be facilitated by the WCE team.

The first workshop will be a two day “Remote Indigenous Youth Leadership Summit”. This will involve bringing together Indigenous youth from various remote sites across the NT to discuss youth leadership and governance; education and employment pathways; connecting with communities; and local language, culture and identity.

The second workshop is entitled “Adult English Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) in the NT: A priority for action”. This workshop will bring together a group of committed LLN practitioners, remote Indigenous leaders, academics, senior level manager, policy-makers, educators and representatives of government and non-government organisations. The workshop will give people a chance to introduce innovative ideas and enable exploration of strategies and solutions for improved remote Indigenous LLN. This workshop will lay the foundations for developing an Adult Literacy Strategy for the NT and the organisation of a Literacy Network for the NT linked with the Australian Council of Adult Literacy.

Indigenous Leadership Conference

30 January 2017

Whole of Community Engagement Initiative

Whole of Community Engagement Initiative

The Whole of Community Engagement (WCE) initiative has been operating through the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership at Charles Darwin University for the past two and half years.

23 January 2017

Evaluating WCE

We have been working hard with our partners and stakeholders to get feedback and to document and share our key findings and achievements.

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