Forming Relationships and Partnership

A lot of effort has gone into increasing collaboration and partnership building within the community. Each organisation faces its own challenges and needs the support of a broader network. This involves a lot of positive reinforcement and helping people “join the dots” to see the bigger strategic picture. It is rewarding to help people come to the realisation that they have more in common than difference, and to realise that it is mutually beneficial to work together. People are leaving their individual ‘silos’.

Key organisations include Patta Aboriginal Corporation and Papula Aparr-Kari to help drive broader community leadership and education resource development.

Management introduces a range of other considerations which softens educational focus in entities. There is a gap in many organisations between service staff and executive management with employees at the ‘coal-face’ are more acutely aware of the issues and passionate to do something about them. The further they are away from direct service delivery the greater this gap grows.

Brokerage is an integral part of the Mentor/Community Engagement Leadership role. This occurs on many levels and includes:
- Between community-based staff and the WCE program;
- Between prominent local organisations; and
- Mediating between service provider staff and management

30 January 2017

Whole of Community Engagement Initiative

Whole of Community Engagement Initiative

The Whole of Community Engagement (WCE) initiative has been operating through the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership at Charles Darwin University for the past two and half years.

23 January 2017

Evaluating WCE

We have been working hard with our partners and stakeholders to get feedback and to document and share our key findings and achievements.

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