Shepherdson College Youth Mentoring Project

Mentoring activities took place at the Shepherdson College. These activities were led by Yalu staff from June to November 2016.

During 2016, 32 students from Shepherdson College were involved in mentoring with Yalu’ staff – Evonne Mitjarrandi (Senior Mentor) and Beulah Munyarryun and Delvine Munyarryun (Junior Mentors) from June 2016 to November 2016. Students were drawn from years 5 to 8. 

This was a primary focus of work undertaken in Galwin’ku as part of the partnership developed with Yalu’. The mentoring was community led and encouraged the students to be strong and confident, be respectful to their teachers, to help each other, and develop skills to do their school work. Support with reading and writing Yolŋu Matha and English languages were part of the mentoring sessions. The mentoring helped to address problems such as bullying, teasing and has helped students to be respectful and engage better in their learning. Students have been learning about employment and study pathways as part of the mentoring process as well. Students who were mentored during the period mentioned above demonstrated better behavior in class, more interest in their classroom learning activities and higher engagement with their teachers and peers. These students are also more aware of the importance of attending classes every day and completing their studies to be able to pursue further education. Dr Maypilama and Rosemary Gundjarranbuy, Manager of Yalu’ have both indicated that WCE ‘planted the seed’ in relation to discussions about higher education.

Beulah mentoring young students at Shepherdson College<br> Beulah mentoring young students at Shepherdson College

29 November 2017

Team Member Reflection: Terry Moore

Team Member Reflection: Terry Moore

​I joined the team in April 2016, just in time for the team meeting at Tennant Creek, where it was realised that the team needed someone to analyse the data that was being generated across the different communities.

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