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Posted on 05 May, 2016 in News

The Strategic Priority Projects

The Whole of Community Engagement (WCE) initiative is working on three Strategic Priority Projects (SPPs) during 2016 in response to needs that have been identified through community engagement work. The projects are one way of sharing WCE findings and putting them to good use to support positive system change and increased understanding among key stakeholders.

WCE Indigenous staff have deep experience in education, leadership, management and local governance. These projects will be made stronger because of their input. We will be working together on case studies and drawing on their experience, knowledge and community-based research.

Each project will also be supported by a group of Charles Darwin University subject experts who will guide and evaluate the project work. These groups of Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff will consider research findings from interviews, focus groups and case studies. Together we will look at some of the outcomes of interviews with staff and students from CDU, and staff from BIITE, NAILSMA and the NT Dept. of Education.

Together we will workshop the things that are both helping and holding back Indigenous access to vocational education and training (VET) and Higher Education pathways, and we will then put forward suggestions for positive change. There are 3 main SPPs:

Project 1: Language Literacy Numeracy (LLN)

This project will look deeply at factors which help and hold back appropriate LLN support for remote Indigenous students in the NT. We will develop priorities focused on strategies,actions and systems improvements.

Project 2: VET to Higher Education Pathway

The aim of this project is to get more people moving along the educational pathway between VET) and Higher Education. We will produce and share information to increase understanding of study and career pathways within communities. We aim also to get a better understanding of student and staff experiences and opinions relating to VET to HE pathways.

Project 3: Enhancing support and structures for remote Indigenous Students: levers for systems change and whole-of university approaches

This project aims to increase understanding of the factors that help and hold back access and outcomes for Indigenous learners in Higher Education. We will interview Indigenous graduates and under-graduates, staff (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) and collect stories of success. With their permission we will share Indigenous views, opinions and experience. We will also suggest levers for positive change within Higher Education in the NT. We will draw on information from the past and from the present.

It is hoped that these projects will contribute to policy and practice change – or at least prepare the way for change.

The SPPs can light the flame of relationships and understanding, highlight Indigenous perspectives, and provide a safe and creative space for people to talk together and share information.  

Read more about our Strategic Priority Projects

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