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Posted on 03 May, 2016 in Community Updates, Gunbalanya

Gunbalanya Community Update May 2016

WCE and ARPnet collaborate to research Higher Education pathways with communities

The Aboriginal Research Practitioner’s Network (ARPNet), through an auspice arrangement with the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL), has agreed to partner with the OPVC-IL to support the objectives of the WCE initiative in West Arnhem.

In the communities of Gunbalanya and Maningrida, community-based researchers from ARPNet have just completed the first out of three cycles of participatory action research with Indigenous young people, families and elders, exploring their experiences and perspectives of higher education.

The stories emerging out of the work will further inform the research being conducted on the ground by the Community Engagement Leader, the Mentor and Engagement Officer and the Community Liaison Leader in the WCE West Arnhem team.

The WCE team will be conducting workshops over the coming months with community members in Gunbalanya and Maningrida, to identify the priorities areas they would like the team to focus on in their Community Level Action Plans.

Gunbalanya Community Update May 2016

NAILSMA work in Gunbalanya

In Gunbalanya NAILSMA is focused on developing training and pathway aspirations with the Adjumarllarl Rangers and other community members. The Adjumarllarl Rangers have been

operating for over 30 years and cover an area of approximately 10,000 sq km. They have identified a need to up-skill and better position themselves to secure funding and take on fee-for-service contracts. NAILSMA has worked with the rangers to develop a training portfolio for each of the rangers that identifies their individual education goals and supports the future of the ranger program.

One training area the rangers identified was digital data recording and reporting of management efforts on country. In response, NAILSMA staff delivered I-Tracker training to the Adjumarllarl Rangers in March 2016. I-Tracker is a program that helps Indigenous Land and Sea Managers work together to collect and manage information across north Australia. It includes digital data collection, reporting and mapping. Click here to see the full story about I-Tracker training with the Adjumarllarl Rangers on the NAILSMA website.

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