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Posted on 01 September, 2016 in Gunbalanya, Community Updates

Gathering youth perspectives about their education journeys

Gathering youth perspectives about their education journeys

Gunbalanya School has seen substantial growth in year 12 graduates over the past few years. This month we will be inviting young school leavers and graduates from Gunbalanya to share their stories by filming short video clips to hear about their school experiences and to learn about what they want to do next. They will share their ideas about what helped them to be successful in school and to graduate; what support they received along the way; and what advice they would give current students at school. They will be provided the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts about the next steps they want to take on their life journey. These stories will be presented back to family, community and higher education institutions, in the hope that this may help other community members, as well as themselves, to realise their education goals and dreams.

I’m looking at the ones leaving school, they are wandering around, and they don’t know what to do. They need support, to learn how best to get the information they need to help them to make the right choices. Who is going to provide that support? Is it family, the school or other services in or out of community? - Seraine Namundja

Written by Millie Olcay, Dean Yibarbuk and Seraine Namundja

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