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Posted on 05 October, 2015 in Gunbalanya, Community Updates

Exploring Gunbalanya

Gunbalanya,also known as Oenpelli, is a large community of around 2000 people situated about 60km north east of Jabiru, across the East Alligator River in Arnhem Land. The surrounding area is known as Stone Country with three significant escarpment rocks within the community outskirts area which represent three different totems;

  • Wurrkarbal: Fresh water Gar-Fish
  • Ngalmarniyi: Long Neck Turtle
  • Arrguluk: Magpie Goose, a name inspired by the spectacular Arnhem Land escarpment and rock formations that emerge from the floodplains surrounding the town.

Organisations based in Gunbalanya include; A West Arnhem Shire office, Demed Aboriginal resource centre, GEDAC (Traditional owners), ILC Abattoir’s, Gunbalanya School, Gunbalanya Health Clinic, Gunbalanya Sports and Social Club, Ardjumarllal Store, Injalark Art Centre, Ardjumarllal Rangers and Njarnma Rangers, Arramunbu Child and Family Centre, Police Station and Community Night Patrol.

Injalark arts provide an opportunity for young and old artists to participate and also tourism opportunities with lots of visitors during the dry season. The ILC Abattoirs sells local meat to community and also surrounding communities. Gunbalanya Economic Development Aboriginal Corporation was set up by Traditional Owners for future business in Gunbalanya. Demed services the homelands. Gunbalanya has ARPNet research team members based in town.

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