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Posted on 05 October, 2015 in Galiwin'ku, Community Updates

Exploring Galiwin'ku

Galiwin’ku is a Yolŋu community located on Galiwin’ku/Elcho Island, approximately 550 km NE of Darwin. It is the largest community on the island, which also has several homelands and outstations, and was established in the 1940s as a Methodist mission.

The population is around 2000 people, of whom around 89% are Yolŋu. In Galiwin’ku there are approximately 10 clans from the Dhuwa moiety, and 11 clans from the Yirritja moiety. Yolŋu Matha is the primary language in Galiwin’ku; Djambarrpuyŋu is the most widely spoken dialect, though several other dialects are also used in Galiwin’ku.

The WCE team began consultations in Galiwin’ku in October 2014 and are also working closely with the Yalu’ Marŋgithinyaraw Centre at Galiwin’ku, a Yolŋu organisation that does research and community service work.

An experienced researcher at the Centre, Dr. Ḻäwurrpa Maypilama, is part of the WCE team, and is guiding community engagement and the research process. The WCE team is working closely with the Yalu’ Marŋgithinyaraw Centre to deliver mentoring workshops for young people and their families and develop pathway maps to illustrate intergenerational education pathways and processes.

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