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Posted on 02 September, 2016

Developmental Evaluation - The Fog is Clearing

Developmental Evaluation - The Fog is Clearing

The WCE team has made significant progress in the last few months. At the most recent WCE workshop in Maningrida, the team was involved in sharing and collation of our collective successes, which have occurred at community and strategic levels. Some recent successes include:

  • Increasing awareness of, and interest in, further and higher education in WCE communities. This is primarily being documented using qualitative data. However, quantitative data will also be used for final evaluation purposes;
  • Establishment of partnerships between local community organisations and cross-community partnerships that support education pathways;
  • Ongoing ambassador roles of community education leaders for higher education in their communities;
  • Support for the establishment of a number of ongoing community specific mentoring, language and culture, and research programs;
  • Establishment of Research ‘Us’, a research network consisting of remote Indigenous researchers only. Sustainability of this organisation will be supported through a Memorandum of Understanding between Research ‘Us’ and the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor – Indigenous Leadership at CDU;
  • Opportunities to influence the development of the ‘community engagement’ pillar within the 2015-2025 CDU Strategic Plan; initiation of a consolidation process of English Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support systems across the NT; and influencing university employment, travel, finance and procurement systems to better support employment of remote Indigenous staff and remote engagement activities; and
  • Support for the development of culturally relevant curricula and resources, in communities and within institutions.

We are edging closer to disseminating our research and evaluation findings, which will be shared throughout the remainder of 2016. As a team, we workshopped potential policy and practice recommendations based on our findings. More work will be done to consolidate these in the final months of the year.

We will be framing our evaluation findings around the following themes:

  • Community engagement;
  • Community visions;
  • Complexity and cultural difference;
  • Governance, leadership, management and mentoring; and
  • Systems and policy.

The final evaluation report is due in March 2017. It will be an innovative evaluation report

reflecting the developmental evaluation process we have undertaken. It will provide a rich account of the journey that we have been on, what we have achieved, and what we want to share with others based on what we have learnt. The WCE initiative is wrapping up in December 2016 – and we hope that questions you may have had along the way will be answered by March 2017! 

Written by Cat Street

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