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Posted on 05 May, 2016 in Staff Profile

Community Staff Profile - Jimmy Langdon

Community Staff Profile - Jimmy Langdon

Male Mentor in Community Education Engagement at Yuendumu

Jimmy Langdon is a Warlpiri man from the Yuendumu Community and works intently across a range of fields: education, leadership, community safety, youth and community development and mentors neighbouring Warlpiri and Anmatyerre communities. He is the Chairperson of the Local Authority Board, Central Desert Shire and within this role focuses on bridging kardiya (non-Indigenous)and yapa (Warlpiri) management styles in relation to employment and service provision.

Recently he was re-elected as the Deputy Chairperson of the Yuendumu School Council and aims to strengthen Indigenous representation on the Council through encouraging young parents to become more involved in their children’s education.

Jimmy is also the Deputy Chairperson of Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC) overseeing a vast range of youth services, including cultural mentoring.

As an accomplished musician and songwriter, in his leisure time, Jimmy plays in a band and cares for his 12 grandchildren.

He believes that strengthening pathways to higher education for Indigenous communities can be achieved through system change in education to break down current barriers. This entails an education system that embraces the dignity, pride, and well-being of the Indigenous people and recognises the value of local leadership styles, knowledges and solutions to enhance academic attendance and achievement. At the recent WCE initiative team meeting held in Tennant Creek, Jimmy described the Indigenous educational journey as: “Our learnings, which carry and inspire. We walk and live in our own journey. We will never give up. Somehow the story will break and the river will flow again.”

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